New books for the store…new shelves for the books.

Dennis went to the library book sale yesterday and returned with some real treasures, among which is a copy of Notre-Dame de Paris, Volumes I & II, by Victor Hugo, translated by Isabel F. Hapgood and published in 1888. A glorious copy with nice gold-leaf on the black cloth binding and in great condition. 18 glossy pages of illustrations and photos of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Dennis knows which books to love! Look for it at our website,

While Dennis was out buying books Tuesday, I was busy starting work on several new book shelves. Today i am off to buy a new router cutter, as the one my father left me seems to be defunct. We had to stop work on the book shelves when the router blade was about to set them afire…

There is a complication with simultaneously being a book seller and being a book collector.



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