Hidden in plain sight

This week i was feeling like hiding and i was reminded of a wonderful book i received from the Weekly Reader Book Club through my school in the early 1960s. The Secret Hiding Place, written and illustrated by Rainey Bennett, is the story of Little Hippo, who is receiving WAY too much love and attention from the big hippos. Little Hippo searches out a place to just be alone, but he is not wishing to run away from them, they love him and he loves them. After several unsuccessful attempt to hide, Little Hippo finally discovers a place where he can hide in plain sight, where he can see the big hippos but they never think of looking for him. The simple line drawings and very light touch with  watercolor wash makes this a charming book. When i went to find it just now, I discovered it in the closest position to the bed on the shelf next to my pillow. A good book is a friend forever.

Mine has a plain blue cover with the hippos in simple line drawing, but here is a link to the ones available on Amazon.com:



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