Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and The Baha’i Faith

Reading a book on Queen Marie of Romania and her devotion to the Bahai faith… Surprising pay-off are the detailed descriptions in the correspondence from Martha Root, the Bahai missionary, of the several magnificent palaces the Romanian royals inhabited…the furnishings..ceremony…and graciousness with which they entertained even the most humble of guests. Especially the details of the interiors and how the family were living, in relative modesty. The thirties in Eastern Europe from a perspective which few have had the opportunity to share. I have met real royalty and they are invariably gracious to all those around them…unlike the nouveau richeImage

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3 Responses to Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and The Baha’i Faith

  1. Della L. Marcus says:

    Enjoy the book! Queen Marie was really quite unique, and while royalty is taught to be gracious and hospitable, some, like this Queen, are actually very sincere!

  2. Thank you for your tireless research. I know how impossible it seems when faced with piles of crumbling documents…but how amazing it is to be inside the heads of those we admire so! What a privilege to have been able to hold those letters in your hands and be in the brief time before the world changed forever. Thank you for your comment on my humble review.

  3. Valerie Smith says:

    How nice to see this wonderful review!

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