“Keep It, It’s Yours.” Postal Workers’ Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

via “Keep It, It’s Yours.” Postal Workers’ Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

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In the Interim

Since last we spoke – I turned our banner into a large scale mosaic.

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The Green Man, a collection of stories

19525Readable collection of stories concerning all kinds of Green Men (and Women) from eighteen authors you may or may not know. Charles Vess’ decorations are enjoyable, Gregory McGuire has fun with Jack and the Giant. Delia Sherman’s view of Grand Central Park is refreshing. AMONG THE LEAVES SO GREEN by Tanith Lee was my favorite, with two sisters who each have very different experiences with the forest, just as the rest of us do only more-so. 2002. Some very interesting twists and turns in the woods and near it. For sale at books.themadhouseartists.com

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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and The Baha’i Faith

Reading a book on Queen Marie of Romania and her devotion to the Bahai faith… Surprising pay-off are the detailed descriptions in the correspondence from Martha Root, the Bahai missionary, of the several magnificent palaces the Romanian royals inhabited…the furnishings..ceremony…and graciousness with which they entertained even the most humble of guests. Especially the details of the interiors and how the family were living, in relative modesty. The thirties in Eastern Europe from a perspective which few have had the opportunity to share. I have met real royalty and they are invariably gracious to all those around them…unlike the nouveau richeImage

For sale at books.themadhouseartists.com

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Him and I? Him and ME? He and I?

I have had it.

Here is the SIMPLE way you determine if you should use “Him and me” or Him and I” or He and I” You take, for example, the sentence:”I ‘did something to/for’ my neighbor and I”. If the sentence sounds correct once you have removed “my neighbor” then the form of I/Me is correct. Here it is without the neighbor: I ‘did something to/for I’. NOPE. The correct form would be “I did something to/for my neighbor and ME. Always putting my neighbor first, but also remember THE CORRECT PERSONAL PRONOUN. FOR PITY’S SAKE.

That is all.

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Books at The M.A.D. House Artists

Books at The M.A.D. House Artists

I so excite!!!!

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Hidden in plain sight

This week i was feeling like hiding and i was reminded of a wonderful book i received from the Weekly Reader Book Club through my school in the early 1960s. The Secret Hiding Place, written and illustrated by Rainey Bennett, is the story of Little Hippo, who is receiving WAY too much love and attention from the big hippos. Little Hippo searches out a place to just be alone, but he is not wishing to run away from them, they love him and he loves them. After several unsuccessful attempt to hide, Little Hippo finally discovers a place where he can hide in plain sight, where he can see the big hippos but they never think of looking for him. The simple line drawings and very light touch with  watercolor wash makes this a charming book. When i went to find it just now, I discovered it in the closest position to the bed on the shelf next to my pillow. A good book is a friend forever.

Mine has a plain blue cover with the hippos in simple line drawing, but here is a link to the ones available on Amazon.com:



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Good News from Sheppard’s Confidential !

St Cuthbert's Gospel of John, 7th Century. Europe's oldest surviving book.

It is good news that St Cuthbert’s Gospel has been secured for the British Museum. But to most of us, a book that has survived for 1,300 years should remind people that the printed book lasts. It stands the test of time. Will the e-book be around in 1,300 years’ time? Doubtful. Experts in electronic archiving will advise anyone saving files for long term storage to use several methods. Micro-fiche, laser disks are just two recent examples and the CD has been largely superseded by the DVD. A printed book still seems one of the safest methods for long term storage. Long live the printed book!
–Sheppard’s Newsletter No. 259

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Books at The M.A.D. House Artists

Books at The M.A.D. House Artists

We are finally a REAL book Store! After five years of applying, refining and building, we had applied again and we had missed the acceptance email in February! So after all these years, books.themadhouseartists.com is a REAL book store and we are members of the Independent Online Bookseller’s Association !!!!

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New books for the store…new shelves for the books.

Dennis went to the library book sale yesterday and returned with some real treasures, among which is a copy of Notre-Dame de Paris, Volumes I & II, by Victor Hugo, translated by Isabel F. Hapgood and published in 1888. A glorious copy with nice gold-leaf on the black cloth binding and in great condition. 18 glossy pages of illustrations and photos of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Dennis knows which books to love! Look for it at our website, books.themadhouseartists.com.

While Dennis was out buying books Tuesday, I was busy starting work on several new book shelves. Today i am off to buy a new router cutter, as the one my father left me seems to be defunct. We had to stop work on the book shelves when the router blade was about to set them afire…

There is a complication with simultaneously being a book seller and being a book collector.


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